Best Dry Dog Food Brand 2018 – Top #15 Brand

For most dog owners kibble is a more popular and convenient type of food for their dogs. It is easier to store, it cost less when compared to canned food, and our four-legged friends love to eat it.

There are so many options for dry dog food, designed to fit and fulfill the unique needs of your pooch. But as in human food industry, not all dog food brands are of the same quality and we know that you want only the best for your pooch.

Finding the perfect diet for your dog can be hard work and in order to help you, we compiled a list of best dry dog food brands in 2018. You should know that these are our suggestions and that there isn’t one superior diet for dogs but these will tell you what to look for in order to keep your pooch healthy, happy and active.

NameImageBest ForMain IngredientLife StageGrain FreePrice
Fromm Family GoldFromm Family Foods 33 lb Gold Nutritionals Dog Food
Normally active dogsDuckAdultNo
Fromm Family Classics
Fromm Classics Adult Dry Dog Food 33lb
Normally active dogsChickenAdultNo
Health ExtensionHealth Extension Little Bites, 10-Pound
Teacup, toy and miniature dogsChickenAll life stagesNo
Horizon AmicusHorizon Amicus Adult
Small and mini breedsTurkeyAdultYes
Horizon LegacyHorizon Legacy Salmon Dry Dog Food
All breedsSalmonAdultYes
Nutri Life Gold
Active dogsTurkeyAll life stagesNo
Nutri Life Grain FreeNutri Life GF Pork Dog Food
All breedsPorkAll life stagesYes
Orijen Orijen Tundra
Active dogsGoatAll life stagesYes
Acana HeritageACANA Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food
All breedsBeefAll life stagesYes
Taste Of The WildTaste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food
Active dogsVenisonAdultYes
ZignatureZignature Zssential Formula Dog Food
Active dogsTurkeyPuppy and AdultYes
Castor & PolluxCastor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food
All breedsChickenAdultYes
Wellness COREWellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Active dogsDuckAdultYes
Sensitive dogsBisonAdultYes
MerrickMerrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
All breedsChickenAdultYes

Before you start to look for the top notch diet for your dog, you need to know what are the characteristics of best dog food brands. You should also take into the account the special dietary needs of your dog and search for the food that is made especially for his age group, health problems, and activity level.

We are sure that you are excited to learn what is the best dry dog food, and we want to recommend a Fromm Family Gold as a nutritious and balanced diet for your pooch. But we still advise you to read labels carefully to make sure that your chosen brand contains all nutrients your dog needs.

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